Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Art of Procrastinating

Most of us are so good at and used to procrastinating, we could be Michaelangelos and Picassos in our own right. Yes, maters indeed we are if procrastination were an art.

Fed up, as we are, of the saying, "Do not wait for tomorrow, if you can do it today", we still love to put things off until tomorrow. We never run out of excuses to procrastinate. For one, some of us claim to work best under pressure. And what better way is there to be pressured than to be under time constraint? Some others reason that they need more time for planning and organizing their thoughts before doing the actual task and so it has to wait until the last minute. There are also those who do not feel compelled enough to beat the deadline because the teacher concerned seems too lenient to impose punctuality.

Besides those excuses, there are also some good things about procrastinating. OH yeah, for one, you get to go to places you otherwise might have missed! LOL. Also, it gives you the chance to do things which you take for granted, but are actually important. Like instead of doing your work (which is given time before nut you do an impromptu because you have not gathered your scattered thoughts yet), you decide to do a marathon of Heroes or House before the hype dies. Instead of doing your given work, you choose to spend some quality time with your family just lounging in the living room, updating yourself on the latest plague that struck the tragedy-stricken life of your koreanovela idol.

There are also times when to procrastinate is just like ice cream you can't resist on a summer day. It's one of those escapades that you've got to have once in a while. Like, for me, instead of doing write-ups, you find yourself writing a blog of how tiresome writing it, just like this. LOL. Or instead of calculating your time, you find yourself calculating how much time you need to spend playing on-line game before you can consider yourself an expert.

Can we really blame ourselves if dillydallying were really irressistable? It seems to already be a part of our system. We are made of 70% water. And water meanders when it flows through a path of rocks. Perhaps, that's why.

After quite a handful of justifications for meandering, dillydallying, procrastinating, postponing, or whatever you might call it, we can conclude one thing. Perhaps, it is nature's way of telling us that we ought to smell the flowers once in a while. We need not get too task-oriented that we forget to enjoy. There is more to pursuing happiness than beating your self with stress and competing to get a favor when you know that ass-kissing is in between in 7 deadly sins. hehehe!!!

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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Believe me, we knew!

Ayooo... the hype of Nobody nobody but you. And I might say the K-pop craze once again dropped bomb and we were hit dead on. See, the effect was massive with the radio kept on spouting the same song every 4 hours or so, someone might be bleeding by now. Our TV's no better!

Actually I was no better, but then again that was still in 08' when the craze hadn't left its home town yet. Now, the redundancy's killing me. LOL.

I don't watch local TV and I surely am not a fan of local celebrity **my sister is** and she texted me to watch this to pass time and surely meant something else. My humor works differently. LOL. Surely enough, this was worth watching!!

ahahaha....the battle of nobody's.

This one was from ABS's ASAP's "IT GIRLS" ......**was supposed to insert ascerbic opinion here but withheld**

And this one was from GMA's SOP's "SOP SWEETHEARTS". Well, they got bloody pawned! Seriously. I cannot seriously spouting criticisms here, so supply the missing word nalng! LOL

Nobody by the Wonder Girls.

Oh wait I remember stray kids in our block spouting Nobody spoof a while ago. Its hilarious thinking I heard them on kids which either they heard too or was taught by peers. It goes something like this:

GIRL: I want your money, your money NOT you~

BOY: I want your body, your body NOT you~~

hahaha!!! the novelty of us pinoys.

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Friday, August 21, 2009

Internet tweak -,-

My lust for internet is unparalleled nowadays, and being obedient to myself, I have no choice but to fulfill this lust all the time. But since I've been eclipsed financially and my wallet is shrinking faster than the speed of light, I’m forced to submit myself to internet prepaid. -_-

I've been meaning to use broadband plan *globe* just like what I used to with smart **let's talk about smartbro some other time** for sometime now. So I did my homework and went to globe wireless center. Shitness! They're not accepting student I.D at all. Fine!!!!!!!!! What really got to me was the look on the agent's face telling me not to bugger off, but the look that told me to produce something credible **what the foot is that?!** like TIN I.D or an effing SSS I.D. :x Do I look like an SSS card holder at all? Haven't I stressed the poor part yet? And how lately I've been counting the rice seed i'm eating?

Gawd, fine!! Now i’m left with the option of using internet prepaid. There's smartbro prepaid with its lousy design honestly **it depends on my ridiculous mindset from time to time** and my globe Tattoo with its uber cool commercial. LOL. Not so much difference with their price tag really. So the question lies with the performance at all. I asked the sales agent of smart if I can surf even if I load a poor 30 php assuming their flat rate is the same with globe with 5 php per 15 min. He can't answer. LOL! Meaning you must load a fixed amount of 100 to 300 worth of prepaid load to be able to surf. Haa.....So I bought my globe Tattoo automatically. Haaa.....

I loathe the fact that cannot access the internet whenever I want to which time of the day. I've been in the service of smartbro for the better part of the decade and when it's time to moved on, what do I get? A sad 90 kbps up to 1 mb if I’m very very lucky **granted it rained very hard**. I'm hilariously pissed. You still have to go out if you want 3G connection considering i'm in the town proper. Kind of defies my whole purpose.

Gprs means up to 40 kbps of connection. A lousy fat 8 if you're unlucky. xp

And because prepaid internet is a glutton and my wallet shrunk even faster than 15 min of internet connection. I've no choice but to find a wifi area that IS FREE!! **hahaha**

If your wondering, yes this place is creeping with a lot of wifi hot spot. Cafes and the likes you name it. Wifi area also means business. And business means you must grace their menu first. And area near a wifi hotspot means password protected connection. LOL. Places with free wifi are a treasure cove, very very rare. XD

And being annoyingly deprived I must say my mind work best under pressure. Ah, the benefits of mastering the art of procrastination. Alas I found a perfect place to sit and surf plus an outlet to boot, but beggars can't be choosers even if the place is embodiment of a sauna with the blazing ball still up. It is a perfect place to be steamed and your laptop to spontaneously combust. But then no guts no glory and my point being moot really.

So when you saw someone in the second level of Aldevinco center frolicking on the benches, you have to mind that destitute is a very sad thing and it makes us do certain things however troublesome that may be as long as it spells FREE! bwahahahaha!!!!!

p.s myglobe tattoo commercial picture....-,- very very kakoi

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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Where has Animal Planet gone?

I used to watch Animal Planet but the channel was evicted by our service provider. Maybe they got annoyed by animals honking each other all the time. So I switched to discovery channel animal kingdom. The connection must be obvious now. muehehehe!

My brother told me I had attention span disorder because I kept changing the channel. Then he'll get dizzy and retreat to his room to watch there. If he's planning to do that, then why bother me in the first place? Reason. He lives to see us miserable because he can't stand being the only person gets miserable by the sound of the twins beating each other. The twins have socialization issues. No wonder my brother's jaded and borderline insane. hahaha!!

Oh wait, I'm getting a little sidetracked by polar bears...........................well, being bears and doing bear stuff. SOoo cute and hugable ** if your from afar and in safe distance from their claws like, uhm, you're TV perhaps**. Now where am I? See, attention span.

Really, the point of this rant is that I'm typing this post as well as watching discovery channel between flipping through channels **or should I say trying to watch** while my insufferable brother rains me down with demands hilariously unthinkable while showing his display of power because he thinks that I have no life whatsoever except to serve his every whim and need. He can't even give me a decent gift in return!! grrr......

And here's I tirade against the fact that he has a twisted and poor sibling sense of conception. He knows he's being a prick and he enjoys being one. How in the world can you think his ego measures up? And to think 'they' **oh, there are three of them** act as loving puppy to they're better half? They even barricade themselves when they knew my sister's possible boyfriend **we can never know, can we?** went to visit and put a death warrant on the 'possible' boyfriend's head. Can you clearly see the injustice in that?! ah moooo~~~

To think my mother tolerated this because she's obsessed therefore easily controlled through the crib-midgets **grandchildren**. The evil of their plan. That's why I went to their backs and bribed the Twins with Optimus Prime dolls and a lifetime of Krispy kremes. Worth every penny because they serve as reconnaissance to my evil covert operations. That's why I always unleashed the twins to rain down hell on their path. hahaha!!

All right, it pisses me off, but I follow since he always promised me his plastic card and this girl has needs and one of them for the plastic to work **the benefit of hanging out with the twins, they have their own set of words lol** . Also they kind of get me out of trouble **which my mother can condemn me without being judge** with a lifetime of hell and servitude in return hence the channel flipping on my part to get him crazy and flee.

p.s. got bonked again but fled with the twins on his tail **evil laugh**, so worth it!! Father filled the seat my brother emptied. Channel surfing again! muhehehe..............

Why can't everybody leave me alone in the big TV?!

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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Insecurity is something that is familiar to everyone, or at least to those who understands it or to those who have experienced it. In addition, as they say, it is unhealthy to be insecure for it just shows that one is discontented of himself, and is unsure of what he really needs or desires. In both cases, insecurity acts like a poison, that slowly invades your sanity and in grave cases, may even drive you to do irrational things. Therefore, for the majority of the people, insecurity must not be entertained and it should be, as soon as possible be extinguished before it can exacerbate your condition and lead you downhill. This is the belief of most of the components of society. This is, for them, what is truly right. However, insecurity may ot be an absolute evil and it may not be so deserving of condemnation of the highest degree.

Insecurity can be viewed on the other side. Somehow, this emotion can indicate that one is aware of one's imperfection. Everyone lacks in some respect, and insecurity merely verifies this state of "lacking". Being insecure simply indicates that one is not contented with himself and because of this; it may be reason enough to change for the better and to become someone who is actually a more justifiable living existence. Insecurity is an emotion, and by nature, emotions are not evil, actins are that motivates and feeds insecurity. Being insecure is also being honest to oneself and if honesty is of grsve importance, then insecurity is accepting that one is imperfect and limited and to deny this is just the same as being a coward and running away from what is truly real. It is not the aim of this brief post to actually persuade others to be insecure, for us to realize that our life is not complete and therefore, we are somehow driven to do our best and improve our lives.

So the next time you say that one is insecure and huff, think that that person is aware of his limitations, instead of pretending to live a perfect life, which is then close to impossible. Think again. -,-

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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Today as I watched in Television the burial of former Pres. Cory Aquino, I tied a yellow ribbon outside my windows to send my farewell to her in her final rest.

May you rest in peace pres. Cory. You will be terribly missed!

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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Origami and an army of Puccho!

Yey! Finally I managed to grab some time to put up my origami collection online. And it means I have to part with them 'cause i have to sold some of them. I had a heavy heart when I uploaded it online because I don't have the heart to give them away, ok technically Im going to sold them! hehe. I love every piece I made and honestly half of the them I barely recall how to make. I don't make patterns so it would make each of them unique. But they have to go and surely they have to be put to use.

A whole lot of them was already been sold to selected few and Its a good welcome. This might be good I think, It means I can make a whole lot of them and not worry about storing them. Hehehe!!

Anyway, I'll post some items up here. I'll put the link later. My connection is a bitch. Well, its my neighbor's but that's beside the point. Blogger won't load with just 50 + kbps. Bugger!


Japanese cupcake PUCCHO!!

I've been Flckr surfing and I found these adorable pictures of Puccho! It's a japanese cupcake. It's been a while since i last visited my fave japanese store here and I don't recall if they sell Puccho or any cutesy-cutesy candy. I think its just good 'ol dango with different flavors. Damn. I want these kawaii cake for decoration, haha, ok I'll eat it but give me a few days of worshiping.
The only problem was it's so damn far from downtown. Ahhhh...im salivating for a taste of Puccho!

Just loooook..... its damn enticing!

Strawberry Puccho!

Spaceball Puccho!

I love this! Danger mouse Puccho.

Super Mario Puccho!

And this cutie-pie Pucchos!

I loveeeee Pucchos!!!!!!!!

credits to:

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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Have a break.........have a Kitkat?! LOL

Had a little break from my mundane work **just my opinion, the ones busy ogling at 'someone' didn't agree with me. pooh!**. So I had to dragged my sister to do nothing with me because it 'might' look any more bizarre seeing a lonesome figure doing bizarre things. So I ended up with her in a picnic mat. Can you actually see me picnicking?! LOL

So here I am moonlighting as a photographer to avoid doing picnik-y things. -,-

Twilight :p

Breaking dawn :p

New Moon?! XD

Ahahaha!!! Kind of fit when I saw the images, not intentional. Never liked the book.

Anyway, this should be done often because this is life for the work-challenge persons. Very Hakuna Matata. -,

The View -,-

Sister managed to befriend one of the kite flier and strategically possess herself one of those kites. Now, isn't she a brilliant user-friendly little critter? LOL

She actually manage to fly one of those. Boo for kite-illiterate moi. XD

The sky. It's so clear with never-ending fields of blueish hue......

Rigged clouds.....

The rigged clouds changed to satin-like mass of bright white. Shiny :p

Worm's eye view **do they actually have eyes? really now**

So vividly green. Thanks to Linux.

Twilight is coming.......

Its why we loveeee lazying around. ahhhh......the wisdom of timon and pumbaa, Hakuna Matata. True.

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Monday, July 27, 2009

Davao's Marina Tuna

This entry is definitely not for the hungry! -,-

This should have been blogged about decades ago but, I, uhm, lost another batch of pictures. Muhehehe!! Been losing a lot of things lately its a wonder I haven't lost where I lived...........yet. Hey, just like Pooh-qiao said," nawala yong fridge ko pero inisip ko nalng baka na-mispalce ko lang!" LOL. See, misplaced!

If you've been carnivorous far too long **aherm** and looking to chow on premium tuna with reasonable and half the price in any fancy restaurant with the same dishes, Marina Tuna Restaurant is Davao's best Tuna place in my opinion, if it matters in the least. We just wind up there when we fetch my aunt and company to visit life here down under and considering the distance between Davao's international airport and downtown **milliiiiion miles apart and we're traveling with no traffic, oh wait Davao's got no traffic** we might have wind up in any other good place we passed too. A good find, indeed. -,-

Lousy pictures taken by Humpy Dumpy moonlighting as a photographer now. -,-

I just adore places with Aquariums. This one with fishes so alien to me and maybe worth more than my wealth combined.......according to the insufferable know-it-all who crept behind me. Doesn't that just F** you off **please excuse moi french**?! Honestly I might stick his face to his body where the sun never shines have I not minded my manners so, I just said haughtily "Sino ka?! **who you?**" and a stare telling him to bugger off. The nerve! But then again, here it is an effin' fish whose worth rival mine. :p

I haven't been won over....................yet.

Humpy Dumpy lean on the wall, Humpy Dumpy will eat them all. Humpy Dumpy is a big buffoon, Will you look at that belly-balloon. hahaha!! lameeeee

A lonely shark........XD

**calps hand together** Itadakimasu~~~

Sashimi!!!!! very oishii it's orgasmic. heaven! Papa Nene and moi's the only ones who chow this and the second batch.

Here I teach you another way to endure wasabi without actually resorting to water by the tutelage of the master! jejeje

1) Of course dilute a piece of wasabi **a piece you can manage** on soy sauce
2) Eat after dabbed in mixture **and please much on it normally** then inhale the biting, pungent and indescribable taste. Yes, inhale the taste. Forced it if you have to.
3) It should work and there's actually no step three unless you choke on your inhaling and chewing. It should be simultaneous and please, do not eat the fish meat with no sauce or wasabi paste. You're not Gollum. It is actually really good if you get past the wasabi taste.

Busog-lusog!! Eckk, my Tambok days and
the cost of my little food trips lately. Now, my arm's back to normal and I've nicked my pathetic excuse of a hair. -,-

I don't get what they're doing.


After that we went to IGLOO to-- oh it's just Humpy Dumpy and I because they went to do old people stuff. Its boring that's why. Bananananana split.

Thier clubhouse is pretty good.

Humpy-kun's ordered halo-halo when he's stuffing halo-halo almost every day. I think's chowking's halo-halo's better.

I like the fan! :p

Yep, you gotta love food right? -,-

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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

At last I came to watched in big screen again, been a while. Watched Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince and its sadly a disappointment i guess. I'd taken faith that they must have compounded a thick book in a 2.5 hour movie smoothly **if not 3/4 precise**. Half of my peeps kept annoying everyone because they kept asking **out loud 'cause im ignoring them** what's/who's/how--if you can think of a sentence starting how-- a half-blood prince. They didn't even elaborate why snape's called a gorram half-blood prince, or did I sleep through the part where they said so. See? Bloody disappointing. Oh well, it's not like its a Peter Jackson film right?

Im not derangely particular but, Bev said they've grown horribly wrong but then, I don't see the wrong, just the horrible. Hey, Harry's eyebrows is unnerving, Ron's hair is hideous, Ginny's suddenly a tease borderline creepy and Draco's another Sasuke, geez what's with his emo-ness? tsk tsk Horrible. But then again, Hermione's looking mighty fine and all if not for an occasional look of constipated-ness. nyok-nyok. Who I really like is Luna Lovegood. If she's not seriously needed to be tied up and confined to a padded room, she's Ethereal. I love her voice. I want to spook someone with my voice too. Badly. :@

My enjoyment of watching HP movies is still there though, true with all the HP movies likewise. Maybe it sucked a little but im still enthralled no matter what. I just liked it. Particularly the scene where MacGonagall said when there's trouble it's always the three of them. And Snape said in his snape-like voice "you juuuuuuuuuuuust......know. It's hilarious because he awfully sounded like Treebeard's "Gooooood Mooooooooooooooooooorning" **the Ent** in Lord of the Rings. Swear! It made me laugh so gorram loud. Enjoyment *Snape-like voice* Indeed.

Another is the scene where the girl in red Katie Bell flew and hands spread-eagle is effing scary though. I don't know but, it reminded me of exorcist. Scary stuff. I know I should not divulge irrelevant/unnecessary/unrelated un-something topic but Dumbledore refusing to drink the water stuff reminded me of my good ol' senile gramps when he refuses to drink his medication and he's just like Dumbie, just like what he acts. I always felt vile and ill after wards if i forced him to take the medicine because he kept missing one. He's so old now and brittle and tiny. O-jiji gomeni!!

Ok, where am I? I remembered I first read the book way back in my senior year in our library **the only time**. And I go chapter by chapter every MWF because that's the only short time I have between classes **it's really a bother to laag given the chisai time**. And my memory of the whole book is all strewed and fuzzy and im not really sure why Snape-y's a half-blood prince *bonked*, his surname I think. And I don't even know if little Dudders omitted or not in the book, or one of the Dursleys. Now im getting intrigued who's this R.C---something guy. Ah, and it's been a bloody decade when I got the ebook of the final book and I still haven't read it, not even a word. Nah. Zilch. It's a bloody ebook. My body's willed itself to sleep should I even try. hahahaha!!

Blooper: cinema, Bev marathon talk with someone. The ngyaaa is the muffled or gibberish words, who knows? might be a code. haha

Bev: ngyaaa.......ngyaaa.....ngyaaaa **sudden silence** ngyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa............
Janelle: **very silently** kyaaaaaaaa......saba kau ka!
All eyes to Bev including the ones around us.
Bev: well, pooh!

p.s. After that we went to Cd-r King to spooked a trainee, side-effect! said she's inefficient. hahaha!! Which is soo true. pooh on her!

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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Love or Lust : Ipanema Sandals

Im beaming. Im surfing the net when I found something which got my heart jumping.
Ipanema sandals by Giselle
Bündchen!! -,-

Ok, technically this is old news really. Well, pooh on me! I knew Ipanema when it was first launched here but, then again who can blame me of my sudden repugnance with flip flops due to Havainas hype **absurdity** or rather crazed. 'Cause Havainas has the reputation of a good quality among flip flops but has never accounted the quality of its slings.

Yeah, for the 3rd time Havainas failed me in school and public the latter. The sling snapped when I knew it was still new and unlike the old ones **which I really did abuse** I never used it daily. The stupid thing died on me when God knows I really needed flip flop **or any flip flop for that matter** on that day. Hah!

When I found this pretty thing, I researched Ipanema thoroughly! This pretty little thing suits me best because my addiction with straps nowadays is unbearable. That's why I have more or less a few wedges which I know are too much and I repulse myself for that. Yep, I lost the Goth in me. :p The recoiling strap is love. Can I say beau-ti-pool?!

This beach type flop, however, is what I've been yearning all this time **just hope my budget allows my lust for Ipanema** if you can appreciate it past Giselle Bündchen's bodacious tattoo. Staring at it myself far too long. haha!! It comes with blue, green, pink and orange. Day dreaming now about how wonderful it would feel in my feet. **don't be stuck staring at it, come on now scroll down dear**

New: Ipanema's 2009 Ad campaign Sementes. Like G2B militating for the conscious use of the world’s water, Giselle Bündchen goes green with her Ipanema Collection this year. This Ad campaign supports the program created to help plant sampling half of which, is in Brazilan Atlantic Forest. A purchase will toss a coin to worlds water and forest. Consciousness in a manner of sandals.

Despite some negative comments I personally appreciate her effort. Well, it's better than nothing right? Though it's tight on our budget I'll sacrifice for the quality. Someone I remembered blabber it is inferior to Havainas........ oh just shut it. I'll be the judge on that and honestly Havainas' not doing the job either. They should have forged the sling from steel. hahaha!!

I saw a couple of this sandals up-close and it's not as pretty as it looks in the pictures. Not like the other ones. Oh, well as long as it looks good on my feet!

I shouldn't have counted my eggs before they hatch and I can't be narcissistic about about it dreaming that it looks good on my feet. Ah, this must be what Becky Bloomwood felt......the vanity of us mere human and our materialistic complex. :p

The long wait of payday is insufferable as the thought of what must cost me versus my gain. Can you say decide already? I allow being materialistic once in a while my savings be damned! I just wish Regret won't kick me in places where the sun never shines **imagine**.

Yep, that did it. hah! Boss, where's my effing pay?!! -,-

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